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I Could Not Come Up With a Clever Title Capturing The Very Essence of What This Blog is About in a Few Words So This is My Title.


Hello there……

Welcome to my very first blog entry.

I tried to come up with a clever title to this blog with the goal of trying to capture the essence of what it’s about, but clearly, I had difficulty with that as you can see by the non-title I chose.  But…..please keep reading and please be patient… THERE IS GOOD STUFF COMING!  At least I hope that you think so anyway.

Blogging is so important and it’s the “in” thing nowadays and has been for quite a while now as I am quite sure that you may already know.  You can find so many topics to read about.  I have researched this point, in fact.  I found that truly you can blog about anything and possibly have a reader or two. For example, How about a blog called Ugly Renaissance Babies?  What the heck could that be about?  I didn’t stick around long enough to find out… creeeeepy.  Another two that I stumbled upon, one titled Hung Over Owls and the next, Bearded Cats.  I did, however, skim these and all I can say is different strokes for different folks I guess.  So obviously I have now deduced from extensive (cough, cough) research that pretty much anyone can blog about anything and there is a blog for just about everyone, even owls with a hangover.

Being a nurse and starting a nursing blog, one would assume that I researched nursing blogs and not just blogs about creepy babies.  Well, you’re in luck because yes, yes I did.  I buckled down and sized up the competition.  Because I am smart.  My mother told me so.  What I found was there really are not that many.  I was quite surprised by this.  I thought that there would be tons.  There should be! We have quite a lot of content in the profession.  So I am happy because maybe I am needed and hopefully, I am wanted.  That will be for you dear reader to determine.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted this blog to be about.  I have various experiences in nursing.  I wondered, should I blog just about home care nursing, nurses in management or private nursing?  They are all interesting areas of the profession.  Maybe ICU and surgical nursing?  Both areas I have a lot of knowledge about.  What about those?  I also have a passion for health and nutrition and am a certified nurse, nutritionist (CNN)… maybe that?  I also am a nurse injector performing Botox and fillers…there is some good stuff there too.  After going round and round I realized I want to talk about all of it and then some.  Nursing I find is not just something you stop when you walk out of the office, hospital or patients home.  It is ingrained in so much of that we as nurses do every day and along with being a nurse, there are various issues that can arise in it.  Nurses tend to be certain “types” of people exhibiting many similar character traits.  Also, there are many things that nurses are at risk for in the profession that I believe should be repeatedly addressed and discussed such as, co-dependency, burn out, substance abuse, abusive relationships, etc.  Also, the learning is never ending in the medical field and advancements in the industry happen every day.  I absolutely want to incorporate that in each post. Yay learning! (Am I being annoying yet?..sorry).  Lastly but not least importantly, let’s face it….. nurses have some pretty amazing and hilarious stories.  We are a hit at parties (of course without any Hippa violating obviously).   So my plan is to talk about all of these things, making it interesting for the new graduate or someone considering entering the profession, as well as the nurse novice.  And then adding anything and everything else along the way. Hope you stay tuned and welcome to Nursing the Neighborhood.


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